Special Rates Incentive Scheme for the Former New Ross Town Council Rating Area

A  Special RIS for the ratepayers in the former New Ross Town Council rating area of 17% has been introduced in 2018 to acknowledge the impact of full harmonisation on these ratepayers.

Save 17% of your Rates

To avail of a Rates Incentive Grant of 17% of your annual rates bill, with no cap or maximum grant;

a)    Pay your rates in full (less the incentive value) by 31st July, 2018 
b)    Commence payment by Bank Standing Order by 9th April, 2018 and clear your rate account (less the incentive value) by 1st November, 2018

Arrears on your Account?

The scheme is open to customers with arrears on their accounts where they meet the following requirements:
a)    Pay a minimum equivalent to one years rates by the same timelines outlined above.
b)    Enter into a structured payment plan to address and eliminate the arrears.