Why an Organisation should join Wexford PPN

Joining Wexford Public Participation Network is free and provides a range of benefits for an organisation including the following;

Information Sharing

  • Access to relevant information on funding and grants coming through the Local Authority
  • Opportunity to promote your activities through the network communications.
  • Access to information on decisions and proposals being made in Wexford.

Capacity Building

  • Access to capacity building and training events which will support organisations in their work.
  • Opportunity to network and learn from other organisations in Wexford who may be involved in similar projects.


  • Ability to comment & input on decisions & proposals in Wexford.
  • Opportunity to become part of a linkage group which is a group of member stakeholder organisations with a common interest.
  • Through linkage group representatives on key Committees & Boards an opportunity have your views heard and contribute to local policy
  • The opportunity to nominate members to sit on Boards or Committees or to become an elected PPN representative.

Wexford Public Participation Network has a strong network of organisations across the Municipal Districts and with members representing the categories of environmental, social inclusion, community and voluntary groups.