Data Protection

Data Protection.

View Wexford County Council Data Protection Policy (Adopted in November 2016).

The Policy sets out the Councils duties and responsiblities as a Data Controller under the Data Protection Acts, 1988 and 2003 as amended.

It sets out 15 policy areas which it undertakes to comply with in order to ensure that personal data and sensitive personal data is obtained and handled within the eight data protection rules as well as how it handles a request for data from a data subject.

It also sets out definitions under the Acts and references the new General Data Protection Regulation which will have European Union wide application from May, 2018.

How do I request access to my details? 

The policy sets out how you can request your personal data. Requests can be emailed to or addressed to:

            County Secretary,
            Wexford County Council,

Your request should give details that would help us to identify you and find your data. We will respond within forty days. 

Please ensure you enclose the fee of €6.35.

What if you do not receive a response?

You can appeal to the Data Commissioner if the Council does not give you your personal data as requested.      

Contact The Office of the Data Protection Commissioner

Freedom of Information Act, 2014.

A request in relation to personal data may also be made under the Freedom of Information Act.