Tenants Responsibility

Typical Household Repairs the Tenant is Responsible for

The county council has responsibility for certain aspects of maintenance - generally structural, major plumbing and electrical repairs.

All other repairs are the tenants responsibility and are fully detailed in the Tenant handbook including

  • Repairing or replacing of internal cupboards, fitted wardrobes, kitchen units and their components

  • Repairing woodwork, including floors, doors and skirting boards

  • Repairing and replacing wall and floor tiling

  • Repairing and replacing broken glass.

  • Replacing fuses but not the main fuse or fuse board – replacing bulbs

  • Repairs to your electrical devices

  • Repairing and replacing waste pipes inside your home, taps, wash hand basins, cracked or damaged toilet bowls, cisterns and their components.

  • Repairing and replacing the basket or grate in your fireplace; tiles and fire surround.

  • Ensuring your chimney is swept regularly.  

  • Oil fired central heating - regular oil burner service.

  • Maintenance of all boundaries, paths, gardens, sheds and gates.

  • Decorating and painting your home both inside and outside the property.

  • Pests and vermin such as rats and mice. 

House Insurance

The council does not insure the contents of the property.