Joint applicant

Before making contact

Email if you can answer yes to all the questions below. If you cannot fulfill any of the following criteria you will likely be refused.

  1. Are you both first time buyers?
  2. Do you have a 10% deposit?
  3. Is the main earner in continuous employment/self employed for at least two years & is the second applicant in continuous employment/self employed for at least one year if their income is to be considered?
  4. Are you earning at least €18,000 but not more than €75,000 from paid employment?
  5. Do you have a consistent credible saving history for at least 1 year?
  6. Have you been refused a mortgage by at least two banks?
  7. Has the site full planning permission?
  8. Do you have full ownership of the site with no charges/liens registered against the property?
  9. Is the site free from easements, way leaves or rights of way in favour of or over your property?
  10. Does your site have direct access to the public road over land that you own?
  11. Do you have your own funding to cover all of the following costs, all of which are a requirement of the mortgage approval
    • approx. 2% of the cost of construction for legal fees
    • costs of engaging a Quantity Surveyor to provide a Bill of Quantities showing full costings of proposed works
    • cost of planning contributions
    • cost of engaging a suitably qualified Engineer/Architect to supervise the construction
    • costs of Self Build Insurance cover