The Glass House

The Glass House by Eve Chase available to borrow with Wexford Public Libraries
Eve Chase

A gripping dual-narrative story about family secrets, lies and belonging from the acclaimed author of Black Rabbit Hall and The Vanishing of Audrey Wilde. 

When a baby is found abandoned in ancient woodland outside Foxcote Manor, the family who lives there takes her in. She sparks joy in a family newly escaped to the country for the summer following a devastating fire at their London home, a family beset by its own troubles. 

Scared of losing the baby to the authorities, the family and their nanny keep her secret. For a while, they’re suspended in a blissful sunlit forest world, where normal rules don’t seem to apply. But trouble cannot be held at bay. Within days, a person will lie dead in the woods – and a society scandal explodes. 

Decades later, a Londoner with holes in her family history is faced with an urgent need for answers. Overcoming her own deep-rooted fear of what she might find, she sets out to discover the truth, and unpick her mother’s little white lies. 

But the past is already far closer than she can imagine, waiting and watching…

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