Tax your Private Vehicle


  • Online

You can renew your motor tax online at - You will need your vehicle reg, your PIN Number and your insurance details.

Lost or didn't receive a PIN? See the PIN number section.

  • At our offices in County Hall

Completed reminder form RF100B (automatic reminder received in post when tax is due) or Tax Renewal Form RF100A.

Remember you will need the appropriate fee and your insurance details.

  • Renew motor tax with a break in tax period?

You can still pay online or using the RF100A at our offices but you'll need to pay arrears.

First time taxing of new or imported vehicles

  • Online

You should have been issued with a temporary 6 digit pin number from the garage or VRT centre which will allow you to pay the motortax online.

  • At our offices in County Hall

You will need

  • Completed Application Form RF100  (this form should be given to you by your car dealer if purchased new or by your NCTS Centre if imported or used.)
  • Appropriate Fee.
  • Insurance details.