High Court awards €84,000 Rates Judgment against Wexford Hotel

Thursday, 14th December 2017

Wexford County Council has been awarded judgment in the High Court against Seafield Hotel Limited for more than €84,000. The judgment follows a long-running action by Wexford County Council against Seafield Hotel Limited in respect of its failure to pay commercial rates.
Wexford County Council was also awarded the costs of its action.
Commenting on the judgment, Wexford County Council Communications Officer David Minogue was keen to point out that the vast majority of the county’s commercial rates customers make every effort to meet their financial obligations. 
“The cost of unpaid rates is effectively met by those customers who do pay” said Mr. Minogue. “The Council would be failing in its duty to these customers were it not to use all of the powers available to it to secure the collection of commercial rates. As a publically funded body, Wexford County Council has a duty to collect all monies due so we can continue to fund and drive forward the development of the County and to provide the people of Wexford with a wide range of high quality essential services.
Wexford County Council offers our customers a variety of opportunities and incentives in relation to payment of commercial rates. Regrettably, despite these facilities, a small number of businesses make little effort to meet their rates obligations, leaving the Council with no option but to take the necessary legal proceedings and secure judgment - as in the case of Seafield Hotel Limited."