County Wexford Older People’s Council

Wednesday, 24th January 2018

Tuesday 16th January 2018 saw the inaugural meeting of County Wexford’s Older People’s Council. This group has been established under the auspices of the County Wexford Age Friendly Programme to put the voice of older people central to decision-making about matters that affect their everyday living. Elections were held at the event to elect 14 representatives to sit on the Executive Committee who will represent the Older People’s Council at meetings including the Age Friendly Alliance, monitor the progress of the Age Friendly Strategy and Action Plan in County Wexford and report back to the Older People’s Council.

Wexford County Council Chief Executive Tom Enright said: “Many of the factors that contribute to a good quality of life for older people are influenced at a local level. The creation of communities in which ageing can be a positive experience is also something that happens at a local level. The establishment of Older People’s Councils in local authority areas gives older people a strong voice to influence local development”.