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Wexford County Council is responsible for dealing with derelict sites in its area. Under the Derelict Sites Act 1990, local authorities can force owners to clean up these sites. The Act allows local authorities to prosecute owners who do not comply with notices served, to purchase land compulsorily; and to carry out necessary work themselves and charge the owners for the cost.

Local authorities have similar powers as regards dangerous structures.

About the register of derelict sites

Each local authority must keep a register of all derelict sites in its area, containing the location of each derelict site, the name and address of the owner and details of any action the local authority has taken about the site. If the property is owned or occupied by a local authority itself, the register must contain details of what it is being used for and what the local authority intends to do with it.

The register must give details of the current market value of every site listed on it. This valuation is done by the local authority, which can authorise any qualified person to act on its behalf. The local authority enters details of the valuation into the register and serves a notice on the site’s owner.

If you are the owner, you have the right to appeal the valuation to the Valuation Tribunal within 28 days of receiving the notice.

The local authority must make the Derelict Sites Register available for public inspection. It can remove an entry from the Register when it is satisfied that the work that it has ordered has been carried out on the derelict site.