Temporary road closures

Road Closure notices
Road Date
BAM-Crane-L2021-1 extension November 11th 2017 to December 16th 2017
Gorey- Switcing on christmas lights Saturday November 25th 2017
BAM- Tinacross Rd. -L2011 November 17th 2017 to February 13th 2018
Courtown Harbour-L5040-2, L5040-1 November 7th 2017 to December 21st 2017
BAM-Drumgold-L6055-1 October31st 2017 to May 11th 2017
Mill Lands Gorey- L5082-1 L5082-2 October 30th 2017 to February 16th 2017
BAM-Monart East-L6125 2nd extension 20th October 2017 to 30th November 2017
BAM-Killalligan-L2012 2nd extension 6th October 2017 to 17th November 2017
BAM-Camlin Overbridge-L8049-1 October 18th 2017 to December 22nd 2017
BAM-Creakan Lower-L8048-2 October 2nd 2017 to December 15th 2017
BAM-Lacken North-L4007-3 and Lacken South-L8144-3 August 22nd 2017 to March 23rd  2018
BAM-Glenteige-L6048-1 August 15th 2017 to November 18th 2017
BAM- Ballyeden- L-5092-1/2 August 12th 2017 to February 15th 2018
BAM- Coolnahorna L2015-2 August 2nd 2017 to February 23rd 2018
BAM- Arnestown L8142-2-extension May 2nd 2017 to December 1st 2017
BAM- Crane L2021-1 April 17th 2017 to November 11th 2017