About Wexford Local Community Development Committee (LCDC)


The aim of the Wexford Local Community Development Committee (LCDC )is to develop, co-ordinate and implement a coherent and integrated approach to local and community development.


The main function of the LCDC is to prepare, implement and monitor the community elements of the six-year Local Economic and Community Plan (LECP). It must consider the economic elements of the plan in order to enhance co-ordination with the community elements and ultimately integrate the two elements but it does not have a role in deciding on the economic elements. It has a general role in seeking to ensure effectiveness, consistency, co-ordination and avoidance of duplication between the various elements of local authority activities in the community.

The local economic and community plan must be consistent with the local development plans made by the elected members and with the regional spatial and economic strategies. The plan must be considered by the municipal district members and approved by the council.


Wexford Local Community Development Committee (LCDC) minutes