Pay my Rates Bill

How can I pay my Rates Bill?

  1. Secure Internet Payment - Wexford Co. Co. Rate Customers only can avail of the Pay Online Secure Internet facility; see back of Rate Bill for further information.
  2. Standing Order Mandate - Contact your rate collector/credit controller. Contact details shown on your Rates Bill.
  3. Directly to your Rate Collector/Credit Controller  - Contact details shown on your Rates Bill.
  4. Electronic Transfer - For instructions on electronic transfers please refer to the Rate Bill.
  5. Payment may be made directly in person or by post at:-
  • The Receipts Office, Wexford County Council, Carricklawn, Co. Wexford. (Monday-Friday 9am to 4.00pm)
  • Wexford Borough District Office, Spawell Road, Wexford.
  • Enniscorthy Municipal District Office, Market Square, Enniscorthy.
  • Gorey Municipal District Office, The Avenue, Gorey. 
  • New Ross Municipal District Office, The Tholsel, New Ross.

(District Receipts Offices opening hours Monday-Friday 9.30am to 1.00pm and 2.00pm to 4.00pm) 

Payment can be made by Cash (Do not send cash in the post), Credit Card, Laser Card/MasterCard, Postal Order or Money Paying Order, quoting your Commercial Rate Account Number.

When are Rates Payable?

The Rate Bill is issued annually usually during the month of March and is payable in two instalments, the first instalment (50%) plus any arrears outstanding (if any) is payable when the Rate Bill is issued. The second instalment is payable on the 1st July.

Save up to €500 on your rates bill by paying on time with the Rates Incentive Scheme!

Can I spread my rate payment over the year?

Yes, by signing up to a Standing Order Mandate. Wexford County Council will accept monthly payments as long as the Rate Charges are paid in full by the year end. Please contact your Rate Collector/Credit Controller, contact details located on Rate Bill. 

I have a query in relation to Rates or my Rates Bill, who should I contact?

You can :-

  1. Contact your Rate Collector/Credit Controller, contact details as set out on your rates bill.
  2. Contact the Rates Department Office directly 

Your rateable valuation is included on your rate bill.

The Rateable Valuation of your property (and of all other properties in the state) is also available on-line on the Valuation Office's Valuation List Search Facility.

Is any Property Exempt from Rates?

Yes, Domestic properties, Community Halls, Farm Land and Farm Buildings, properties directly occupied by the State, Schools, and Churches etc.

I think my rateable valuation is too high or I think I am entitled to an exemption of rates?

Persons aggrieved at their valuations may list the property for revision, subject to the payment of a €250.00 fee.

Contact the Commissioner of Valuation.

Revaluation information and application forms are available at: 

If the Valuation is appealed is the Rate payable?

Yes, the Commercial Rate is payable based on the current valuation.  If the valuation is reduced on appeal any overpayment will be refunded. The valuation may also increase on appeal with subsequent increases in Rates.

Has the Council authority to set off a payment against rates due?

Yes. If a payment is due to a person or company and rates are due by the same person or company, the payment may be set off against the rate.

If my property is vacant am I entitled to a refund/discharge?

The owner of the property may be entitled to a refund/discharge of rates providing:-

  • The entire property is vacant at the Date of Making the Rate.
  • He/She is unable to secure a suitable tenant at a reasonable rent or is carrying out repairs/alterations to the premises.

How are Rates assessed?

The Rate Charge is calculated by multiplying the “Rateable Valuation” by the “Annual Rate on Valuation”.

The “Rateable Valuation” of a property is determined by the Commissioner of Valuation.

The “Annual Rate on Valuation” is set annually by the Members of Wexford County Council at their budget meetings.

For example:-

Rateable Valuation of Property as determined by the Valuation Office = €50.00
Wexford County Council Rate on Valuation for 2016  = €71.52
Rates due for 2016 (€50.00 x €71.52) = €3,576.00

Who pays Rates?

The person liable for payment of rates is the person in occupation of the rateable property on The Date of Making the Rate with the following exceptions:-

  • If the property is vacant at the Date of Making the Rate, the owner of the property is liable.
  • In the event that another occupier takes occupation after the date the rate has been struck, the local authority can determine that the incoming occupier should pay a portion of the rate proportionate to their occupation.

This issue or other charges owed to Wexford County Council should be specifically addressed by you with your Solicitors during the preparation of leases or property transfers.

What are Rates?

Rates are a property tax on Commercial Properties and the revenue raised goes towards meeting the cost of services provided by Wexford County Council each year such as Fire Services, Public Lighting, Libraries, Public Parks.