Pay my Rates Bill

How can I pay my Rates Bill?

1.    Payment may be made in person at one of Wexford County Councils Cash Offices throughout the County.
2.    Standing Order - Pay monthly over the course of the year. Please contact your Credit Controller/Rate Collector or the Rates Department for a form.
3.    Secure Internet Payment – Pay using our secure web page. To request a PIN number please contact the Rates Department.
4.    Electronic Banking - Pay online by Electronic Fund Transfer. Please see the front of your Rate Bill for Wexford County Councils bank details and the reference to be quoted. 
5.    By Telephone - Contact the Rates Department to make a payment over the telephone by Credit or Debit Card

What are Rates?

Rates are a property tax on commercial properties and the income raised goes towards meeting the day-to-day cost of services provided by Wexford County Council each year such as Fire Services, Public Lighting, Libraries, Environmental Protection, Parks and Open Spaces, Community Supports and Initiatives.

How are Rates calculated?

The Rate Charge is calculated by multiplying the “Rateable Valuation” of the property by the “Annual Rate on Valuation”.

The “Rateable Valuation” of a property is determined independently by the Valuation Office.

The “Annual Rate on Valuation” is set annually by the Members of Wexford County Council at their Budget meeting. The Annual Rate on Valuation for 2018 is €73.67.

For example:-
Rateable Valuation: €50.00
Annual Rate on Valuation for 2018:  €73.67
Rates Payable: €50.00 x €73.67 = €3,683.50

Who pays Rates?

The person in occupation of the rateable property, or the owner if the rateable property is vacant, is liable for payment of the commercial rates.

To comply with Section 32 of the Local Government Reform Act 2014 owners of rateable property are required to notify the Rates Department in writing of a change of occupier within 14 days of the date of transfer of the property. This includes a change in ownership, change in tenancy or where a tenant vacates.

 Submit your notification online

The person transferring the property, either the owner or occupier, is legally required to discharge all commercial rates for which he/she is liable at the date of transfer.

When are Rates payable?

The Rate Bill is issued annually usually during the month of February and is payable in two instalments, the first installment (50%) plus any arrears outstanding (if any) is payable when the Rate Bill is issued. The second installment is payable on the 1st July.

What if the rateable property is vacant?

Rates remain payable on vacant property. The owner of the property may be entitled to a refund/discharge of rates providing:-
•    The entire property is vacant at the Date of Making the Rate.
•    He/She is bona fide unable to secure a suitable tenant at a reasonable rent or is carrying out repairs/alterations to the premises.

Owners must complete a Vacant Premises Application (VPA) Form and submit it to the Rates Department, along with relevant supporting documentation, in order to claim a discharge of rates on vacant premises.

Prior to January 2018 a 100% waiver applied in respect of commercial rates on vacant property where a property satisfied the criteria outlined above. 

From January 2018 a 90% waiver will apply and owners will be liable for 10% of the total commercial rates due in respect of their vacant commercial premises where their VPA has been submitted and approved.

Can I have my valuation revised?

An owner or occupier of a rateable property can apply for revision directly to the Valuation Office provided that there has been a material change of circumstance in the property since it was previously valued. In brief, a material change of circumstance means a physical alteration or new building, total or partial demolition, or a sub division or amalgamation of relevant property. A change of valuation status (e.g. from domestic to commercial or vice versa) is also deemed to be a material change of circumstance.