Local Economic and Community Plan - High Level Goals

Six High Level Goals (HLG)

The six High Level Goals of the Wexford Local Economic and Community Plan are to:

HLG 1 Foster the culture of educational attainment and lifelong learning in County Wexford and provide opportunities to develop educational and workforce skills, to improve work readiness and access to employment.

HLG 2 Support and promote the development of socially inclusive, sustainable communities in County Wexford and ensure that all citizens enjoy optimal health and well-being.

HLG 3 Continue to develop and promote County Wexford as a great place to live, work and visit.

HLG 4 Develop and market County Wexford as an outstanding business environment for starting, growing and attracting business.

HLG 5 Continue to protect and enhance our infrastructure and promote resource efficiency in order to create the right conditions for long-term sustainable economic growth.

HLG 6 Protect and sensitively utilise our natural, built and cultural heritage and together with the Arts, realise their economic potential.