FOI Fees and Charges

Freedom of Information Act 2014

Fees and Charges are payable as set out in the Freedom of Information Act 2014 (Fees) (No. 2) Regulations, 2014.


FOI Fees
  Type Fee
Making a Request for Information No fee payable.
Seeking an Internal Review for Non -  Personal Information €30.00,  or €10.00 for Medical Card Holders.
Seeking an Internal Review for Personal Information No Fee Payable.
Seeking a Review by the Information Commissioner for Non -  Personal Information €50.00,  or €15.00 for Medical Card Holders.
Seeking a Review by the Information Commissioner for Personal Information No Fee Payable.

Charges for Personal Information.

No charges apply in respect of Requests for Personal Information, unless there is a lare volume of records to be released.    

Charges for Non Personal Information.

Charges are payable in respect the time spent in Search & Retrieval as follows:

(a)  Determining if we hold the information,

(b)  Locating it or the documents containing it,

(c)  Retrieving such information or documents and,

(d)  Extracting such information.

(e)  Making a Schedule of Records for possible release.

  • €20.00 per hour spent in doing items (a) to (e) above,
  • €0.04 per sheet for a photocopy,
  • €10.00 per CD ROM, 
  • €6.00 per X-Ray.

Miniumum and Maximum Fees and Charges.

If fees and charges do not exceed €101 no charge is imposed.  If they exceed €101 and are below €500 they are payable and the Council can request a deposit of 20% which must be paid before the Council begins the search and retrieval. The full cost must be paisd before the release of the records.

Should the estimated search and retrieval costs exceed €700 the Council must sek a reduction in the scope of the request from the Requester. If the Requester does not reduce it the full amount as advised is payable and the records will not be released until full payment is made.

Reduced Fees and Waivers.

Where the information sought is of particular assistance to the understanding of an issue of national importance costs may be waived.