Strategic Policy Committees (SPCs)

Strategic Policy Committees (SPCs) bring together elected members (councillors), and people actively working with social, economic, cultural and environmental bodies to develop and review policies related to council services. SPCs prepare the groundwork for policies which are then decided on by the Local Authority.


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Types & Role of SPCs

 1. SPC Housing, Community and Environmental

  • Formulation of policy on Housing, incorporating the overall Housing Programme, various Social Housing options including Voluntary Housing, Shared Ownership.
  • Formulation of policy on Community Affairs, incorporating LCDC, Arts & Library, social inclusion, equality, sport and recreation, amenities.
  • Formulation of policy on the Environment, incorporating Air, Water and Litter Management, Waste Management, Fire and Emergency Services.

2. SPC Transportation and Water Services

  • Incorporating policy on Roads, Car-Parking, Taxi/Hackneys, Traffic Management, Public Lighting, Water & Sewerage Services.

3. SPC Economic Development and Enterprise

  • Incorporating Economic Development, LEO, support for enterprise, Tourism policy, Urban and Rural Public Transport.

4. Joint Policing Committee

  • The joint policing committee’s function is to serve as a forum for consultations, discussions and recommendations on matters affecting the policing of the Local Authority’s administrative area, and in particular levels and patterns of crime disorder and anti-social behaviour, and to arrange and host public meetings.