Postal Voters and Voters with Physical disabilities or illness

Postal Voters List

Applications for inclusion in the postal voters list must be received by 25th November. If you missed this deadline you can still postal vote by applying for inclusion to the Supplement. The closing date for postal voters to be included in the supplement is the day the order for an Election or Referendum is signed.

An elector whose name is entered in the postal voters list may only vote by post at an election or referendum and not vote at a polling station.

The following categories of persons can be registered as postal voters:

  • Electors with a physical illness or disability who are living at home. Apply using the Form PV1
  • Electors who are unable to vote at their polling station due to circumstances of occupation etc.: employees and students etc. Apply using the Form PV2
  • Whole-time members of the Defence Forces members who live in military barracks may be registered either at the barracks or at their home address;
  • Irish diplomats posted abroad and their spouses - they are registered at their home address in Ireland.

Members of the Garda Siochana (police force) have the option of being registered as ordinary electors or as postal voters. In either case, they are registered at their home address. 

Special Voters List - Voters with physical disabilities or illness

Voters with physical disabilities or illness who are residing in a Nursing Home or Hospital are included in this list.

In order to qualify, an elector's physical disability must be likely to continue for the duration of the register and prevent him/her from going to the polling station to vote.

Apply for entry into the Special Voters List - Application Form SV1.

Applications to be entered on the special voters list must be made by 25th November and in the case of a first application must be accompanied by a medical certificate.

Electors on the special voters list vote by marking a ballot paper delivered to them by a special presiding officer accompanied by a Garda.