Getting on the Social Housing List

How do I qualify for Social Housing?

Housing is allocated according to eligibility and need. If you are accepted as being eligible for and in need of housing, you are then placed on the housing list.

  • In general, you must already be living in County Wexford (you can only apply to one housing authority).
  • Income for a single person must be less than €30,000 or less than €36,000 for maximum of 3 adults and 4 children family.
  • You are not an owner or part owner of a property.
  • You do not have suitable alternative accommodation.
  • Foreign nationals: you must have a legal right to remain in the State on a long-term basis.

See a more detailed description of whether you would qualify for social housing on the citizen's information website or contact out housing area officers.

Area Housing Officers Clinics

Our area housing officers run regular clinics in Wexford, New Ross, Gorey and Enniscorthy and can give you expert advice and support. 

Application form

Download the application form for social housing. Application forms are also available at our offices.

Where am I on the housing list?

We cannot disclose an applicant’s place on waiting lists as the lists are only drawn up when there is a vacancy.   Wexford County Council operates a continuous assessment of all housing applicants.  Applicants’ circumstances constantly change, therefore their priority would change.

How long will it take before I get offered housing?

Unfortunately this cannot be determined.  

Priority will be given to applicants based on the following:

  1. Living in accommodation that is dangerous and poses a serious and immediate risk to their health and safety. 
  2. In need of alternative accommodation on very serious or exceptional medical grounds. 
  3. Deemed to be homeless. 
  4. Living in conditions of severe overcrowding. 
  5. Young persons leaving institutional care and without family accommodation.
  6. Not reasonably able to meet the cost of the accommodation which they are occupying.
  7. Persons aged 65 and over and who are capable of independent living.
  8. Persons with a disability and who are capable of independent living.
  9. Members of the Traveller community who are ineligible under any of the categories listed above.
  10. Persons who are sharing accommodation and have a reasonable requirement for separate accommodation.
  11. On grounds of insecurity of tenure.

For a detailed explanation of how social housing is prioritized see the Allocation Scheme For Social Housing 2011

I'm on the housing list - what happens next?

Our area housing officers will work with you to discuss housing options which would include