Child Safety

Wexford Public Library Service encourages children to use and enjoy library facilities and endeavours to provide a safe environment for children while visiting libraries.

However, responsibility for the behaviour, well-being and safety of any child who uses the library rests with the parent.

Children should not be left unattended in library buildings.

  •  Library staff cannot care for or take responsibility for, children who are left alone in the library. Libraries are public buildings and library staff cannot fully monitor the behaviour of other library users. 
  • Library staff cannot monitor whether children leave the library unaccompanied
  • Small children should be kept in the immediate vicinity of parents at all times.
  • Parents/guardians should familiarise themselves with library closing times and ensure that children are collected before closing time. If a child is found unattended in the library, either during hours of operation or at closing time, they will be offered the opportunity to call a parent to come and collect them.  If the parent cannot be contacted the Gardai may be called. 
  •  Disruptive behaviour by children in libraries is wholly unacceptable and will result in the child being given a warning. If they continue to misbehave they will be offered the opportunity to call a parent to come and collect them. If they refuse to do this their behaviour will result in the immediate withdrawal of library facilities and that child will be asked to leave. 
  • Wexford County Council has adopted a Customer Charter/Code of Conduct which outlines levels of behaviour which are deemed unacceptable for library users.