Your Motor Tax PIN

6 digit PIN Required

You can tax your vehicle online on

You will need your 6 digit PIN code which you would have received with your renewal either by post or email.

I can't find my PIN code?

For all vehicle renewals, the PIN is the last six digits of the Vehicle Registration Certificate (VRC) serial number which appears at the top right hand corner of the front cover of the VRC.

That PIN will remain the same for the vehicle unless the vehicles ownership is changed or an application for a replacement VRC is made.

If necessary, you can retrieve your pin code online, however details must be input EXACTLY as they are recorded on the vehicle, or this service will not work.

Problems with Online Motor tax?

Commercial vehicles cannot be taxed online where a new owner is taxing for the first time. This applies to all new, imported and second hand commercial vehicles.

Online Motor Tax cannot be used for commercial vehicles where the Certificate of Roadworthiness has expired.

If you have an issue with online motor taxing you should contact the Department of Transport Online Section.