Library Park, New Ross

Park Facilities

  • Children's Play Area
  • Education Centre
  • Events
  • Parking
  • Public Sculpture
  • Wildflower Area
  • Wheelchair accessible
  • Amphitheatre

The Library Park has been awarded a Green Flag Award - a benchmark standard for the management of recreational outdoor spaces.


Background to the Park

The picturesque Park, which is fully accessible, surrounds New Ross Library occupying a site in the heart of New Ross.

The design of New Ross Library Park, featuring An Clog Mór Amphitheatre, was themed on writing, knowledge, learning and time.

The design of the park reflected its location and steepness with the existing library building providing much of the inspiration. 

The centre piece of the park is the amphitheatre with its intertwining 8 metre diameter sundial and performance circles. The seating and grass mounds surrounding the theatre/sundial space all radiate out in ever increasing concentric circles. 

The magical parks’ garden and planted areas were designed by Ireland’s youngest ever Chelsea flower show gold medal winner, Mary Reynolds - a Wexford native. 
The parks’ garden draws on three periods of writing, history and storytelling in Ireland.

  1. Irish Mythology
  2. Ogham Writing
  3. Monastic tradition of illuminated scripts

At the upper end of the site the Ogham alphabet is set out along a tree walkway incorporating all the 20 trees and shrubs associated with the ogham or ‘tree’ alphabet. 

Large pen sculpture in New Ross park

All the trees in the park were chosen to reflect their place in Irish Mythology. 

The Ogham tree walkway links across the central path to the monastic garden. The spiral pattern is achieved using a double granite brick set into this section of grass park area reflecting the beautiful manuscripts written with such car between 650 and 1100 CE. 

The Library standing central and sentinel as the impressive backdrop to the wonderful park.