Ombudsman Complaints

Ombudsman Complaints

The Ombudsman can examine complaints about the actions of a range of public bodies, including Wexford County Council.

What complaints can I make to the Ombudsman?

You can complain to the Ombudsman about Wexford County Council, if we:

  • Delay in Providing Services, 
  • Refuse to award a benefit or service,
  • Fail to provide a promised service,
  • Fail to follow approved procedures,
  • Cause communication difficulties,
  • Make unfair decisions,
  • Give misleading advice,
  • Are rude, or
  • Fail to correct mistakes.

What can I not complain about?

You cannot make a complaint if:

  • You have begun legal action relating to it,
  • You have a right of appeal to the courts or to an independent appeal body, such as An Bord Pleanála,
  • It relates to recruitment or terms and conditions of employment,
  • It relates to the ‘reserved functions’ of the Council, carried out by the elected members.

Examples of ‘reserved functions’ include striking a rate, making or changing a development plan, adopting a scheme of housing letting priorities and making or revoking bye-laws.    

When should I complain to the Ombudsman?

Before you complain to the Ombudsman, you should try to resolve your problem with the Council. 

Please use the complaints and appeals procedures in the Customer Service Action Plan.  If you are not happy with the outcome, you can contact the Ombudsman

You should complain within 12 months of the Council’s decision or action.  The Ombudsman cannot examine actions or decisions that occurred more than 12 months before you complained (the Ombudsman may sometimes set aside this rule).   

 What will it cost me to complain to the Ombudsman?

 Nothing – there is no charge for the services of the Ombudsman.

Can someone else complain on my behalf to the Ombudsman?

 Yes, but only if you give them permission to do so.

Contact the Office of the Ombudsman