People with a Disability - Housing Adaptation Grant

Types of Works Supported by the Grant

  • Access ramps 
  • Downstairs toilet facilities 
  • Stair-lifts
  • Accessible showers 
  • Adaptations to help with wheelchair access 
  • Extensions
  • Any other works which are reasonably necessary for making a home more suitable for the accommodation of a person with a disability.

Is the Grant Means Tested?

Yes if it is a privately owned home. Applications are assessed on the basis of household income. Full details are included in the application form below.

Household income is calculated as the annual gross income of the registered property owner, together with all household members over 18 (or over 23 if in full-time education) in the previous tax year.

All applicants are required to include, with their application, proof that they are compliant with the Local Property Tax.

Application Form 

If the house is not owned byWexford County Council use this Application form

An Occupational Therapist Report is required for all works except for the conversion of an existing bathroom into walk-in shower facility. 

In the case of bathroom conversions a report after an initial inspection may be requested.

Are you a council tenant? If the house is owned by Wexford County Council use this Application form - this is not means tested and is a separate scheme.

Grant Aid Available

Disability Housing Adaptation Grant
Annual Household Income € % of Costs available Max. Grant For houses erected  for more than 12 months € Max. Grant for houses erected for less than 12 months €
Up to €30,000 95% €30,000 €14,500
€30,001 - €35,000 85% €25,000 €12,325
€35,001 - €40,000 75% €22,500 €10,875
€40,001 - €50,000 50% €15,000 €7,250
€50,001 - €60,000 30% €9,000 €4,350
In excess of €60,000 No grant is payable