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Taking in Charge of Residential Estates

The term “Taking in Charge” means that the council assumes liability and responsibility for the roads, footpaths and public areas associated with a particular estate.  

When a residential development is completed in accordance with the planning permission, the developer or the majority of home owners may make a written request to the Planning Department to have the estate taken in charge. 

Home owner applications

The application form must be accompanied with the signatures of the majority of the home owners (not tenants).

Download Taking in Charge application form (home owners only)

Developer applications

The application form must be accompanied with a Certificate of Infrastructure Compliance, a Certificate of Planning Compliance and a Certificate of Development Standard, along with as-built drawings, CCTV and other relevant documentation. 

Download Taking in Charge application form (developers)

After an estate has been taken in charge

It should be noted that when an estate is taken in charge, the roads servicing that estate are declared public roads and the estate must remain un-gated.

The Council will not maintain open spaces such as lawns, trees, etc.

Ownership of common areas does not transfer to the Local Authority upon taking in charge and it is recommended that the appropriate level of public liability insurance continue to be maintained by the management company / residents association.