Customer Charter

Our Commitment to Our Customers

“To deliver an efficient, quality service to the people of County Wexford in an effective and caring manner”

When dealing with customers, we will adhere to the following core values

  • Courtesy and consideration
  • Equality, openness and impartiality
  • Physical access to well-maintained facilities for all our customers
  • Reasonable accommodations of language and disabilities
  • Accountability
  • Privacy and confidentiality (as permitted by law)
  • Meaningful and open consultation and explanations
  • Continuous monitoring and improvement of our services
  • Staff trained to meet the needs of all of our customers
  • Prompt responses to complaints, in line with our procedure

Customer Code of Conduct

  • Customers are expected to treat Council staff in a professional, courteous and civil manner during all dealings with them
  • Customers are expected to provide full and accurate information, so that we can assess and meet your needs

The following behaviour is not acceptable from customers/members of the public:

  • Disruptive behaviour
  • Harassment of staff, customers/members of the public by use of abusive, racist, obscene or threatening language
  • Use of violence or threat of violence towards staff, customers/members of the public
  • Malicious damage to premises or theft of Wexford County Council’s property
  • The use of alcohol and illicit drugs whilst using Wexford County Council’s facilities
  • Smoking in public areas within Wexford County Council’s facilities
  • Personal property being left unattended whilst using Wexford County Council’s facilities

Feedback and suggestions

We welcome feedback and suggestions about the service you receive. If you are dissatisfied with any service, please contact the Line Supervisor or Section Head of that service or email

Please observe this Customer Code of Conduct; where a breach of the Code takes place, the Council may take legal or other action or issue a barring order from our premises. CCTV may be used in some premises in order to ensure the protection of staff, customers/members of the public.