Make a Customer Complaint

Before You Start

The best method to resolve an issue is to make the complaint or observation directly to Line Supervisors / Section Heads, whether about a staff member or service. You can also directly report issues such as

Make a Complaint Online

Complete the online complaint form

Please supply as much information as possible at the outset.

Alternatively you can make a written complaint to the Freedom of Information Office.

Strict time lines apply to the response to compalints as set out below on the flow chart and appendix to our Customer Complaints Procedure.

If you are still not satisfied with the report and repsonse issued to you you may contact the Office of the Ombudsman.

What issues are covered?

This procedure concerns complaints or appeals relating to delays, mistakes, decisions, level of service or failure to meet requirements of the Sectoral Plan under the Disability Acts or other legislation to which the Council must comply.

What issues are not covered?

This procedure does not apply to the following –

matters for which there is a statutory right of appeal e.g. planning decisions, Freedom of Information decisions; Data Protection requests. 

Make a Claim of Discrimination

You must notify the Council, in writing, within two months of the most recent occurrence of the discrimination. Your claim is not valid unless you do so.  The notice must identify the nature of the claim and the intent to seek redress.  Questions can be included in the notice for the purpose of obtaining information which is relevant to your case. Download and use the form ES.1 on the Equality Tribunal website.

The completed form should be sent to 

County Secretary,
Wexford County Council,

If there is no reply, or if you are not happy with the reply, the claim may be referred to the Equality Tribunal.  This must be done within six months of the discrimination. The County Secretary will monitor and follow up the situation after a complaint is made, so that discrimination does not recur.