Rent Arrears

Contact your Local Credit Controller

If you have fallen behind in your rent for whatever reason you should contact your local credit controller. The sooner you do this the better. 

The Credit Controller may make a repayment agreement with you in order to clear the arrears which you must stick to. 

Your local Money Advise and Budgeting Service (MABS) is a free money advice service, guiding people through dealing with problem debt and can be very helpful.

If you fall into arrears, act quickly and talk to our staff – we are there to help.

In some circumstances, the Council’s Social Worker will engage with you should there be any family circumstances impacting on your arrears that you wish to discuss.

Will I be taken to Court for Rent Arrears?

Yes, you will be taken to Court if you refuse to come to a reasonable arrangement or if you do not keep to an agreed repayment plan.  

At that point you will be liable to clear all the rent arrears and pay our legal costs.

Wexford County Council has zero tolerance for rent arrears.  In accordance with the terms of your tenancy agreement, you will be evicted from your home.