Ways to Pay my Rent

Pay Weekly or Monthly

Your rent is charged weekly but you can pay your rent monthly in advance by multiplying your weekly rent by 52 and divide this figure by 12.

Ways to Pay

Billpay card - Use in any Post Office

You will be issued with a billpay card when you sign your tenancy agreement and receive the keys to your home.  You can pay your rent in any Post Office using this card.  You decide the amount to pay each time.

Household Budget

Direct weekly deductions from your social welfare payment which goes directly to you rent account. 

Standing Order Form

This can be obtained from the rents desk and needs to be presented to your Bank.  You decide on the amount and frequency you wish to pay.  If your rent changes you will need to alter the amount accordingly.

Over the Counter Payments

The receipts desk in the Wexford County Council office or any of the Municipal District Offices will accept rent payments.

On-line Payments

A user name and PIN will be sent to you once your rent account is set up.  Contact the rents desk if you don't know them.

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