Sale to a Private Owner

For vehicles registered on or after 1st January 1993 

1. Both the seller and the buyer must complete the back of the vehicle's Registration Certificate (RF101) 

2. The seller should post the certificate to: 

Department of Transport,
Co. Clare.

which will process the change of ownership and forward a new certificate to the new owner.

Registration Certificate
Registration Certificate (RF101) 

For vehicles registered before 1st January 1993

  1. Both the seller and the buyer must complete form RF200 
  2. The seller should submit it (the form RF200), along with the brown Registration Book (logbook) to their local Motor Taxation Office 
  3. The local Motor Taxation Office will process the change of ownership and forward the registration book to the new owner.
    brown Registration Book (logbook)
    Brown Registration Book (logbook) sample